Pineapple Crate Coffee Table

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I have been mulling over different ideas for a coffee table. The space is limited, so I wanted something smallish. I also wanted casters, well, because I LOVE casters. I love being able to move things for cleaning and casters make it so easy.

On our last trip to the Goodwill, we decided to wander over to furniture before we left. Low and behold, A Pineapple Crate. Now, I do not know how it got here, nor how one would store prickly pineapples in this crate, but that is what it has stamped all over it!

Manly added some casters, I added a vintage tray and Voila!

Total cost: $51.99
Crate: $19.99
Casters: $32

Plus it was a lot easier than some of the other crazy ideas I had, all including casters. Of course.