Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lots of pillow making. I only use bits of fabric I have thrifted. Once in a great while, I will allow myself to buy fabric retail, little bits I can't resist.

The linen fabric I purchased from the great sale bin here. The paisley fabric is a bit of leftover from the curtains I made a few months ago. I found that fabric at a consignment store. I did not love it at first, but now, it's golden color makes me happy to be in this room. I just covered one of the many guest bed pillows with this envelope style pillow. Merry the Wonder Beagle requires frequent washing of all sitting areas.

On the chaise is a duvet I stitched from a tablecloth I found for $4 at Target. I couldn't pass up the yardage, knowing one day, it would find it's destiny. From one tablecloth I made two shopping bags, a small duvet, and an envelope pillow. I think I used EVERY scrap of fabric. Love that.

The vintagey pink pillow is some fabric that used to be Cameron Diaz's old curtains. It is a long, silly story about how I came to have these curtains in my possession. It is vintage, so it is fragile. Where the sun hit the curtains, the fabric just crumbled. I washed and dried the fabric several times to make sure everything that was going to rip, did. I was left with a good chunk of usable fabric. I stitched together another envelope pillow with a bit of thrifted cotton lace.

The brown fabric with red and teal was another thrift store treasure. It was a panel curtain for french doors and had the same sun damage as Cameron's curtains. This piece had tons of good fabric, I even added a few vintage Bakelite buttons. I am trying to make the chaise area a bit comfier. I think the space is starting to warm up, just in time for the cold weather...

The couch is usually draped with a white tablecloth with a crochet trim, as the weather turns, I was looking to warm up the room since we haven't found the perfect rug yet. I found this tablecloth guessed it, the thrift shop. It is a thick linen and in perfect condition. I can't bear to cut it, just yet.

It is raining outside, so come cozy up with a cup of Caramel Rooibos and a handmade pillow. It is warm and cozy inside The Hen House.