Library Hall

Friday, May 7, 2010

I love books. The smell. The illustrations. All books. I sometimes joke that I should not be allowed into a used bookstore...That being said, I am constantly trying to discover new ways in which to store my little loves. This is the latest. Color coded, satisfies so many of my heart's desires.

Our new house, affectionately named "The Alberta Hen House," has a funny little hall, well, leading nowhere. The previous owners put a lovely window in this narrow hall, which now makes this funny little hall the...LIBRARY. I have a library. It is narrow and short, but it has a window. Soon it will have a comfy chair, an old lamp and table on which to set my tea.

If you need me, I'll be in the library. Reading. And sipping. And watching Merry play in her new yard.


Kristin Lea said...

I love books too! The smell of a bookstore is intoxicating. I love it! I love the concept of color coding your books. I might try that this summer! When we bought our house in the city, I instantly fell in love with my floor to ceiling bookshelf.

agentmermaid said...

What a pretty space. I love the color coded spines. I did mine like that too. :)