National Letter Writing Month

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Here is installment Number II. The first letter was written on some Art Deco Stationery I found at the thrift store. I have been saving it for the right occasion, this was it. This letter found it's beginnings on a page torn out of an Anthropologie catalog. I also fashioned the envelope from the cover page. If I had really been thinking, I would have folded so that my address would be in the place where a return address would sit. Alas, I was impulsive. With a little double stick tape and an old fashioned mailing label(with the FOULEST tasting glue known to man) we were set to post the latest letter! Off To Florida with you! Xo.


Run Lori Run said...

I don't know when I last wrote a letter. Your stationary is great!