Wednesday Morning

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The rain has been coming steadily for the last few days. I don't mind it. I spent many a winter in The Pacific Northwest and a string of wet days can stretch much longer than this wee storm. It is damp and grey and wet. The dog has no interest in relieving herself out of doors. That makes for a full puppy bladder and a VERY wet chaperon.

There is hush over the house. Even during the day, the candles are alight. The lights are off and the small streams of silver light pour through the tiny windows. It is not the golden pink light we are accustomed to, but it warms the soul just the same. A few crickets have taken refuge behind the ice box and are at present chirping a steady tune. Such is life in the cottage. Indoor, outdoor living I call it.

I like to sit and listen to the Earth absorb all of this luscious water. I can hear Her quietly soaking it in, feeding Her root children, preparing them for their spring debut. It is the most beautiful, silent sound in the world.

The lettuces are plumping up in the rain and await only a spray of good warm winter sun to coax them skyward!



Lani said...

i love your photographs! had no idea you were such a good photographer. i really like this one.