Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We live in a teeny, tiny cottage. It is sweltering in the summer and icy in the winter. The bathroom is wee. There is only one. When the children were younger and the boy needed to pee and the bathroom was occupied, he was encouraged to tend to his needs outside.

The rooms are square. Small. Each room has two small windows, from these windows stream the most delightful light. It is warm and pink and filled with the shadows of Cosmos and Marigold, dancing tree limbs and warm and cool breezes.

The two small western windows in the narrow common space are filled with a lovely bush that blooms sweet white flowerettes in the spring. The light shines hot at the end of the day, but sometimes, the balance is just right. Pinky, soft light lilting in with birdsong...


I have been embracing the Autumn with open arms and a loving embrace. Here in Los Angeles, one must be very diligent about spotting the signs of the seasons. It is subtle here, the Liquid Amber trees can only hint of rolling hills of crimson leaves as they drift toward earth. The mornings are cool, the afternoons hot and dry. The day closes early and darkness descends as supper is being placed on the table.

The down comforters are layered on the bed, so the windows can remain open in the night. We are so lucky.

I promise to be more attentive to this space. I crawled inside myself and found it cozy and warm, grief and healing and sorting of emotions swirling about...A post a day, even a wee one. And a photo. There are so many eating up my computer space. XO